A Date with Maz Wavez | The New Kid on the Block | Part 1

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Why Choose Morgeez Music Distribution | New Ways of Music Distribution


New Ways of Music Distribution | Putting the Music Artist First

Digital Music Distribution has solidified its place in the music business. But who actually are the greatest beneficiaries?

What percentages of the indie artists using all these giant music distribution facilities are actually benefiting from these platforms and what exactly are they benefiting off of? You placed your music on these platforms for distribution as an artist, after the placement, what's next?

These questions are real questions that deserve real answers and one music distributor has raised their hand up to provide the answer. To provide solutions that directly benefit the artists.
Watch the full video clip to find out.
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Get The Mentorship You Need in Music Business | Bottom-Line EP:7

The Music Business is a purely professional business bundled with exceptional talent to succeed. Talent, on the other hand, is like a plant, it desires much care, treatment, and watering for it to grow very well.
Talent is like a seed that needs 100% nurturing for it to germinate properly. This is a picture of how the music business plays out.

Whether you are just coming in as a fresh talent focusing on your artistry or you are coming with music business entrepreneurship in mind, one thing for sure is, you would need a mentor. You would need a coach just like soccer players and other sports disciplines. This is what the Morgeez Mentorship Program in the music business is all about.

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Bottom-Line EP:6 - Brings to You the Morgeez Talent Representation, Mana...

If you are a talent, one of the very reasons why you will be very active, getting booked, and putting your talent to regularly work for you, is having the right talent agency.

A Talent manager that has a passion for the job they do and this is the main job they rely on as well. This is the type of talent manager that can be serious enough to scout opportunities for you, get you booked and most of all properly manage your career as a performing artist.
Whether you are an:
Voice over artist,
Motivational Speaker,
Music artist
Fine artist etc,
Morgeez Talent Agency is the best home for you. And we welcome you.
Become a member now. Visit
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We are looking forward to seeing you at the MKorgeez Talent Porta

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Importance of Mentorship Classes in Music Business | Christopher Odiley ...

Talent is well and better utilized when developed through a reliable mentorship program. This episode of the #ChristopherOdileyNotebook delved into the importance of having to pass through some mentorship classes in the music business as a young music artist. Enjoy!

5 Reasons Why Music Artist Can't Ignore The Artist Manager | Christopher...

5 Reasons Why Artist Cannot Ignore Representation | Artist Manager Cannot Be Ignored by Artists. Click on Link:… From the Morgeez Official Blog | #MondayMotivation#KnowledgeIsPower#Read#MusicBusinessPodcast